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LoudTwitter bothers me too so I just deleted my LT account so my tweets will no longer be posted here. *grin* I love Twitter, it has it's place though and that is not here. I have an app on my website that pulls my tweets in on my blog page tweet by tweet, the same page that pulls in posts from here for those who keep up with me via my website.

Now that my ex is about to be turned loose upon the world I might have to scale down on how much I put out in the public again. :( Yeah, bummer. I know, some people *coughpsychostalkercough* will lose their open window on my world again and start whining about getting a judge to order me to allow them to see my flocked posts. *rolls eyes* Oh well, c'est la vie.

So, if I haven't friended you back and you feel like I should, please comment and I'll take a look. I make no promises though. I really have to be very careful about who I allow to read my locked posts now.

In other news, I'll be leaving Las Vegas soon. I can't wait to see my man, sure do miss the hell out of him. He should be here Thursday! Yea!!!

Well, that's about it for now. I have to run, got some shopping to do apparently.
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