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A few years ago our youngest son had a problem that our doctor down in Texas told us was sleep walking. This weekend we found out different. On Thursday our son had one of these episodes while in school and unlike when it happened down in Texas where that school didn't contact us till several hours after the problem was noticed this school tried calling us and when no one answered the phone here they sent a police officer to track down my mother-in-law while they took my son to the ER. I'm grateful for that. I was down in Salt Lake at the time and my husband was out in the yard when they tried to call. He did call the school when he came back inside and immediately went up to the hospital after hanging up. The doctor in the ER had a suspicion of what was going on with our son but he did not have the equipment to make a proper diagnosis at our tiny hospital so he decided to send our son down to Primary Childrens Hospital in Salt Lake post haste. My husband called me then to tell me what was going on and that they would be driving down ASAP. I met them at the ER of Primary Childrens around 4:30 pm and at 6 pm we had a new diagnosis and a treatment plan. It turns out my son has been having Atypical Absence Seizures. I am relieved to have a diagnosis that I can do something about. We can treat this.

After spending the night in the hospital for observation we spent the rest of the weekend at a friends house so we could attend some social gatherings going on in town. Friday night was spent at The Greenhouse Effect in Salt Lake for Stealth Coffee. This is something that takes place every Friday night at that location and it is a blast every time I get the opportunity to attend. Saturday we went to Liberty Park for the first Mountain Shadows Clan of the Toteg Tribe meeting. Then Sunday we went to Fairmont Park for a Meetup Picnic where I got my picture taken by a member of the Church of the Sacred Circle (who were also having a meetup in the park) every time I visited the public restroom. I laughed that off but I got pretty peeved when another member of that organization decided to take video of my son when he was near the restroom. There is something seriously wrong with those people!!
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Lewis Falls
Lewis Falls
Yellowstone National Park

Some of my family came up from Texas to visit me for a few days. This includes my grandmother, mother, niece Sharon, nephew Charlie, and favorite cousin Mike. While my grandmother opted to stay here with my two year old nephew the rest of us decided to embark on a day trip up to Yellowstone National Park. This is a trip I've made a few times but it's never dull and always a beautifully scenic drive. I've never really had a wildlife encounter while up in Yellowstone till this trip though and thus comes the tale of the asshat humans...

It's going on sunset and we're still in the park as the speed limit is 45 at the most but usually more like 35. Why? Because they don't want you to hit the wildlife and the roads are mountainous, curvy, and lined with trees. There are also few passing zones within the park for the same reasons. Does that matter to an asshat in a pickup truck though? Nope. We were driving along doing the speed limit when about fifty feet in front of us crossing the road is a baby bear. We stop, leaving plenty of room between us and the bear. I almost got a picture of it too... till the asshat in the pickup decided that we were just stopping in the middle of the road in a no passing zone for no particular reason at all and zooms around us... that is till he sees the bear and decides to slam on his breaks taking up both lanes while his buddy in the passenger seat rolls down his window (yeah you read that right, fucking idiot) to hang out of it so he can get a picture of the bear. What I thought to myself at that time was, "these are the kind of idiots you see on those When Animals Attack videos..." They were real damn lucky that momma bear didn't come out of the woods.
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You are obviouosly a delisional idiot who bases her magickal knowledge on fantasy novels.
How quaint.

That was said to me by some 20 year old "I'm a dark witch" little girl because she threatened to hex a friend of mine over a blog entry and I warned her that my friend was protected by a mirror shield. According to miss all powerful dark witch there is no such thing as a mirror shield so I must have gotten it from a fantasy novel.

You know what, I think I'm getting too old for this. LOL!

Time to repost...
The Charge of the Beeotch )

Remember kids, dark bunnies are just as toxic as the fluffy ones.


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