May. 5th, 2009 08:32 am
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So apparently Jimmy did lose his job. Color me unsurprised. If he has found another one though he is being his usual dead beat self and ducking child support.

Just to illustrate what happens when he skips paying, the last time he made a payment in February it put the balance owed to me at $15,919.21 which is the lowest it has been since 2003. Since he hasn't paid, the new balance is now $16,315.33 so really, it doesn't do him any good to duck out of paying, not one bit, it just makes him owe me more. The highest amount was in January 2007 when he owed $24,743.50 and wasn't paying the full amount due each month.

I find it rather telling that the most he has owed and went without trying to pay on it is after he married that psycho piece of cunt chowder who is still stalking me. Before that he was paying and actually getting the balance down. Even when he was on unemployment he paid back then. It's amazing how the people in your life can effect the kind of person you are. She took a man who I was proud to call my friend and turned him into a worthless piece of shit. I predicted that though, I mean she had to drag him down to her level to keep him. It's sad and pathetic. Even more so because that idiot psycho thinks that his ex wife and I are just pining away for him. *rolls eyes* been there, done that, got the t-shirt and threw it out.

The only one who wants to have something to do with him now is his mother and that is because she is dying, diabetes has caught up with her and her kidneys are failing. Psycho cunt chowder will not allow him to have contact with her though because his mother wanted him to stay with his pregnant wife and two sons instead of running off with the psycho who slept on the side of the road near the drilling rig he was working on so she could ambush him after he broke it off with her. The psycho got him because his wife kicked him out and then made sure their divorce went through. He tried to go back to her even after he married the psycho and the only reason he did not leave the psycho is because the ex wife refused to let him move back in with her. None of that should be taken out on his mother though, it's not her fault that Jimmy told her that he didn't really love the psycho... and seriously, not everyone gets a long with their in-laws and that is a fact of life. So I don't know why the psycho will not allow Jimmy to talk to his mother till "she treats her like a daughter-in-law should be treated" since apparently she is acting exactly like a lot of mothers-in-law out there.
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I guess that loser Jimmy the Rat Bastard lost his job because none of the back child support he owes me has been paid on since early February. Like I've said before though, when he doesn't pay that interest sure does build up... I guess it's time to start making phone calls so they can track his ass down AGAIN. Even if he is on unemployment he still has to pay and they'll collect it.

No, I don't feel fucking sorry for his ass. He should have been paying when he did have good paying jobs instead of being a fucking dead beat loser.


Jul. 23rd, 2008 03:25 pm
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Well, I got a call on my cell from Audra (Rat Bastards ex for those who don't remember) saying she did a search on her SSN and found out she's lived in several places in the past few years that she's never been to. Looks like Rat Bastard and Psycho Stalker are using Audra's SSN.

It just never ends with those two...
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*does a happy dance*

AG of Texas says Rat Bastard and Psycho Stalker are in Oklahoma! Yea for them being far from me! Woo hoo!
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Well, it's been over a month since Jimmy paid any child support. Like I said before, not that it bothers me that he racks up the bill with the interest they charge him on the balance and when you owe over $20,000 in arrears, the interest is astounding... but I degress.

So I just got off the phone with the AG office in Texas and they have put Jimmy back on the naughty dead beat dad list and flagged his SSN for locate.

I guess I should brace myself now for a new round of crazy from the Psycho Stalker aka [livejournal.com profile] thewillow_witch.


Jul. 27th, 2007 05:33 am
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Well that was too good to be true. Apparently they're still here. :(

Child support is late but It's posted now.

Welp back to looking over my shoulder worrying about whether the Psycho Stalker is going to attack.
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Well, looks like that dead beat Rat Bastard is up to being himself again. No surprise right...

Late one night last week I got a phone call from Audra down in Texas because Jimmy Jr (7 year old) had to have an emergency appendectomy. He's doing fine now, everything went well. Audra called me again today and mentioned that the insurance she had for the kids that the Rat Bastard's job up here sent her rejected the claim saying it was no longer valid. Which means he probably isn't working for that company anymore. This would explain why the child support has once again stopped as well.

*rolls eyes* Oh but that's not being a dead beat dad...

Whateva! As I've stated before, it's no skin off my nose if he wants to rack up over $100 per month in interest to his over $20,000 arrears. Him not paying that off quickly actually means I get more money out of him in the long run.

I do really hope that this means him and the Psycho Stalker have moved the fuck away from me again. That would be blessed news indeed. It would mean I could stop looking over my shoulder wondering if she's there. Gods what a relief that would be!
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That is how long the $45 a month child support order lasted. I received my copy of the new order in the mail today. They also sent another paper that showed the amount of the arrears now owed and how much interest has accrued over the years of his "punishing" me by not paying the full amount or just plain not paying at all. The interest is over $8,000 and the total amount owed is over $24,000 now. Yeah, I feel real punished. LOL

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You know, if it can be messed up I'm sure The Office of the Attorney General of Texas will find a way...

I received in the mail today a copy of the new writ of withholding for the Rat Bastard. It had an error. Of course.

Since my daughter turned 18 they had to amend the order so that he is no longer paying current child support and only paying on the arrears... which was over $20,000 last I checked and with somewhere around 12% interest tacked on each month I'm sure it's a bit more than that now. When he was paying current support he paid only $45 per month toward the arrears which didn't put a dent in it since the interest was more than that per month. The amended writ of withholding for some reason just dropped off the current support and only ordered him to pay $45 per month for the arrears. At that rate he would owe another $100,000 in interest by the time he paid the now owed amount. My daughter would be an old woman on her death bed and the arrears would still be owed.

In any case, that isn't what the original order stated so I called them to correct the matter. The new papers are in the mail now with the correct amount of $274 per month. At that rate he may have it paid off in about ten years... maybe. I'm quite sure he wouldn't be smart like my oldest daughter's father and pay more than owed when he can to get it paid off faster... no, this one thinks he's punishing me when he doesn't pay, doesn't think about the interest compounding and putting himself further in debt.

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Raise your hand if you're surprised at all that the Rat Bastard hasn't paid a dime in child support since March 21.

Yeah, me either.

Incidentally that March 21st check was a whopping $12.63 to arrive at a grand total of $33.47 for the whole month of March. It's just a damn good thing I don't count on that check for anything other than amusement of how little he pays. I do still feel for Audra in that area since she gets less than I do and has three kids. Not that he pays her total amount per month either.

Ah, and for those new folks on my friends list, this is a verboten subject. I'm not allowed to bitch about Jimmy the Rat Bastard in my own damn journal as per the demands of the Psycho Stalker aka [livejournal.com profile] mysticblushadow aka [livejournal.com profile] thewillow_witch. As you can see I think she can go fuck herself with her demands on what I can and can not post in my own damn journal. She's the reason my journal is locked.


Jan. 19th, 2004 01:17 pm
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Adoption is expensive. It will cost us $3000.00 for Parker to adopt our two youngest away from that monster I was married to and that is if the idiot will sign the papers and not waste the courts time by fighting it. I should not have any problem getting his rights terminated since he does have two convictions of aggravated sexual assault of a child and the parole board tells me that he will most likely spend every minute of the 15 years he got for that. I call them every time he comes up for parole just to make sure he wont get out.

I was able to get no visitation in my divorce with it stated that the reason was those two accounts of aggravated sexual assault of a child. It's weird that they put in there an additional reason for no visitation with my son. Apparently in Texas over night visitation with a child younger than three is against the Texas Family Code and they don't do it. I know that young children do have separation anxiety when they are away from their familiar surroundings and that babies sleep better in their own beds. My son is well above the age of three now though but it doesn't matter, the monster is still in prison and the age thing was only an additional reason anyway.

We are working hard to get our family to be whole. Now if we could just get this adoption thing going.... $1500.00 per child... *sigh*

Parker would like to adopt all four, but $6000.00 is not economically feasible right now. I had some saved up towards one adoption, but I had to use it to hire the lawyer to answer that bogus bullshit the Rat Bastard filed. I've thought about asking my oldest daughter's father if he would pay for hers, that would erase all that back child support he owes me and then he would not have to pay current child support on her and would have more money for the new baby he and his wife just had. IMO that is quite a trade off. I'm mostly worried about getting the youngest two adopted though, their bio is a monster and I want him to have no reason to pop back up into my life once he does get out of prison.

Just a random thing I was thinking about just now...


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