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Name:Gwen Wolfrose
Birthdate:Mar 2
CAVEAT: I am a bitch... you have been warned. Everything I write is my personal opinion and you do not have to agree with or read it.

Ghwendolyn Kayote WolfroseMy nom de internet is Ghwendolyn Kayote Wolfrose. I am a founder of the path of Draig-Sidhe, a member of the Mountain Shadows Clan of the Toteg Tribe, and a 3° Priestess of the Wica (not mispelled tyvm, know your craft history!). Most call me Gwen, some call me Kayote, a few call me Wolfrose, even fewer know me as LadyMacLane from PaganLake, and those who know me IRL call me Wendy.

I'm a mutt. I'm an Irish-Mexican. Mom is of Irish decent and Dad is Mexican.

My hair is naturally dark but I dye it red. I have weird eye coloring, they have a dark blue ring on the outside of the iris and go to a light brown near the pupil.

I'm also pierced and tattooed. I LOVE motorcycles and the biker way of life. Both my parents are responsible for this, my dad still rides a Harley. It's in my blood. *grin*

I am married to a wonderful man who treats me like the goddess I am. All together we have five children. Our youngest three are living at home, our oldest son is in the Army, and our oldest daughter is attending Art school in Texas soon to be transferring to Nevada. Our second oldest daughter got married last July to a wonderful man who I adore and they are expecting their first child in June. We also have a herd of the most adorable little dogs and a husky mix. My life is truly full of love. My cup overflows.

I am an artist to top it off... and yes as a matter of fact I am the Gwen Wolfrose who co-authored The Charge of the Beeotch which was published in Issue 27 of The Beltane Papers. *grin*

Beannachd Leibh,
Ghwendolyn Wolfrose ^..^ --,--'--@
"Some days the dragon wins..." ~Sir Galahad

All posts are ©opyright 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 by Ghwendolyn Wolfrose and may not be posted or quoted to other venues without express written permission, all rights reserved!

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Alice in Wonderland is love.

Alice in Wonderland is love.

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