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Miss Lydia got her first haircut today. She also had her first taste of Ice tea and now there isn't a tea glass that is safe around her because she loves the stuff. If she sees the glass she reaches for it.

I will most likely be too busy to post tomorrow so I will go ahead and send out good wishes and blessings to all my friends and loved ones that live in the USofA. May you all have a very Happy Thanksgiving filled with lots of love and laughter.

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This weekend we went to the Fourth Annual Witches High Tea presented by the Utah Black Hat Society at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City and my granddaughter and husband were on the Fox13 News that night. :)

The Witches High Tea
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*sigh* I made the mistake of turning email delivery back on for Gardnerians_all. There really wasn't much traffic going on. Wiccan Wade is in residence there so he posts every so often and Aiden Kelly has been posting some of his old poetry but not really any other traffic to speak of. Most people are on moderation actually.

So yesterday I was a bit peeved to see actual spam posted on there, not just something people don't care for so they call it spam, actual UCE. It was that post I'm sure a lot saw yesterday from a person pretending to have bought the free bos cd. That same tired post that has been being posted for years. It's not from someone who bought the cd, it's from the person selling it and she's been copy pasting the same post year after year, just using a different address.

Turns out Delia let it through for some inane reason but she doesn't want any one to say it is spam or say that the person posting that they received the cd will not be posting a review since if they hold to their ten year pattern they will have already abandoned that email addy. It's off topic to say that. Apparently she's worried about off topic traffic clogging up the list. *rolls eyes*

Over the years being on this list I've seen her derail on topic conversations because someone said something she didn't like. Is it any wonder the majority of traffic on that list now days is from one of the biggest jokes of the pagan internet, Wiccan Wade (the Morrigan is a nice mommy) MacMorrigan?

I'm waiting to see if she is going to kick me off, I've already put myself back on no mail. As long as she has a strangle hold on the list there will NEVER be any serious conversations about the craft. No one likes highly censored lists. Once upon a time it was a good list. *shakes head* Now I have to say don't bother, there are much better lists out there for serious craft discussions.


Jul. 9th, 2009 12:24 pm
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A very big THANK YOU going out to Inanna for hooking me up so I can now be on dreamwidth too. *grin*
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June 17, 2009 at 7:59 am my granddaughter came into this world weighing in at 7lbs 8oz and a whole 20in tall.

Just look at all that hair! I'm very proud! :)

Mom and baby are now home and doing well.
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Just thought I would post here to say I'm still alive. Having a nicely horrid fibro flare at the moment. Been busy since it's Pagan Pride planning season. Also DraigSidhe is putting on the Aspen Grove Midsummer. Since my grandchild is due to arrive around Midsummer we've scheduled that for early July instead of in June. So, fibro flare + Pagan Pride planning + Midsummer + OMGBABYCOMING = busy and tired me.


May. 5th, 2009 08:32 am
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So apparently Jimmy did lose his job. Color me unsurprised. If he has found another one though he is being his usual dead beat self and ducking child support.

Just to illustrate what happens when he skips paying, the last time he made a payment in February it put the balance owed to me at $15,919.21 which is the lowest it has been since 2003. Since he hasn't paid, the new balance is now $16,315.33 so really, it doesn't do him any good to duck out of paying, not one bit, it just makes him owe me more. The highest amount was in January 2007 when he owed $24,743.50 and wasn't paying the full amount due each month.

I find it rather telling that the most he has owed and went without trying to pay on it is after he married that psycho piece of cunt chowder who is still stalking me. Before that he was paying and actually getting the balance down. Even when he was on unemployment he paid back then. It's amazing how the people in your life can effect the kind of person you are. She took a man who I was proud to call my friend and turned him into a worthless piece of shit. I predicted that though, I mean she had to drag him down to her level to keep him. It's sad and pathetic. Even more so because that idiot psycho thinks that his ex wife and I are just pining away for him. *rolls eyes* been there, done that, got the t-shirt and threw it out.

The only one who wants to have something to do with him now is his mother and that is because she is dying, diabetes has caught up with her and her kidneys are failing. Psycho cunt chowder will not allow him to have contact with her though because his mother wanted him to stay with his pregnant wife and two sons instead of running off with the psycho who slept on the side of the road near the drilling rig he was working on so she could ambush him after he broke it off with her. The psycho got him because his wife kicked him out and then made sure their divorce went through. He tried to go back to her even after he married the psycho and the only reason he did not leave the psycho is because the ex wife refused to let him move back in with her. None of that should be taken out on his mother though, it's not her fault that Jimmy told her that he didn't really love the psycho... and seriously, not everyone gets a long with their in-laws and that is a fact of life. So I don't know why the psycho will not allow Jimmy to talk to his mother till "she treats her like a daughter-in-law should be treated" since apparently she is acting exactly like a lot of mothers-in-law out there.
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I guess that loser Jimmy the Rat Bastard lost his job because none of the back child support he owes me has been paid on since early February. Like I've said before though, when he doesn't pay that interest sure does build up... I guess it's time to start making phone calls so they can track his ass down AGAIN. Even if he is on unemployment he still has to pay and they'll collect it.

No, I don't feel fucking sorry for his ass. He should have been paying when he did have good paying jobs instead of being a fucking dead beat loser.


Apr. 10th, 2009 01:09 pm
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Here I am again with a gazillion things to do and a body that wont cooperate... *sigh*

Heating pad is my friend...
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LoudTwitter bothers me too so I just deleted my LT account so my tweets will no longer be posted here. *grin* I love Twitter, it has it's place though and that is not here. I have an app on my website that pulls my tweets in on my blog page tweet by tweet, the same page that pulls in posts from here for those who keep up with me via my website.

Now that my ex is about to be turned loose upon the world I might have to scale down on how much I put out in the public again. :( Yeah, bummer. I know, some people *coughpsychostalkercough* will lose their open window on my world again and start whining about getting a judge to order me to allow them to see my flocked posts. *rolls eyes* Oh well, c'est la vie.

So, if I haven't friended you back and you feel like I should, please comment and I'll take a look. I make no promises though. I really have to be very careful about who I allow to read my locked posts now.

In other news, I'll be leaving Las Vegas soon. I can't wait to see my man, sure do miss the hell out of him. He should be here Thursday! Yea!!!

Well, that's about it for now. I have to run, got some shopping to do apparently.
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The randomness of today:

...because you really needed to know. :p

Idiot ex...

Mar. 4th, 2009 06:26 pm
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So most of you know about my first husband the paedophile who raped and sodomized my children, the one who has been in prison for almost 15 years, you know, the one that idiot psycho stalker posted sympathy for and justified his actions by saying he probably raped and sodomized the girls to get back at me for cheating on him with Jimmy totally skipping the fact that the affair with Jimmy happened after the monster was in jail and that I had turned to Jimmy because I had just been shown the medical report of what my girls had happen to them. Yeah, that ex...

Apparently he is getting out at the end of July and seems to think he can bluff me with a bullshit court document threatening me with jail time for not complying with a court order so that he can have contact with the children. Page five of our divorce decree states that he does not have the right to see them. According to him he received a paralegal certificate, at tax payer expense, in 2007 and yet he does not seem to understand that we are divorced and that he does not have the right to see the children. He also does not seem to understand that under victims rights I do not have to tell him where I live and that he is not to contact me period.

I do not even begin to understand his thinking... what the hell makes him even think that the children want anything to do with him? Is he deluded enough to think that I would not tell them what he did? That the girls would not tell them what he did? What in the hell makes him think that an "I'm sorry, I will try very hard to not do it again" will make anything better? Seriously!

I'm sending a cease and desist any contact letter. One would think the shear silence he has received from me for over ten years would have gotten the point across but this asshole is just that fucking stupid. What a fucking idiot!
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The randomness of today:

  • 10:04 38, just in case anyone wanted to know. :)

...because you really needed to know. :p

*big smile*

Mar. 2nd, 2009 09:56 am
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You know, despite some of the health issues I've dealt with, my thirties have been some of the best years of my life.
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The randomness of today:

  • 14:00 Dr said Lyrica causes weight gain. :(

...because you really needed to know. :p
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The randomness of today:

...because you really needed to know. :p

LA Times

Feb. 21st, 2009 09:22 am
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Here is the article from the LA Times on my grandfather: http://tinyurl.com/d5zvst

He was a vibrant and jovial man. That is how I remember him and will hold him in my heart forever.
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The randomness of today:

  • 11:50 The LA Times called my aunt, they want to do an article about my grandfather.
  • 13:04 @gamecrtr ROFLMAO!!! Awww that's my girl! hehehehee
...because you really needed to know. :p
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The randomness of today:

  • 21:16 I sent a tweet from txt around 2pm today and it's not here. *sigh* My grandfather died today...
  • 22:45 My grandfather just died.
...because you really needed to know. :p


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