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FMS really sucks, big time! I'm still having this stupid flare but at least I did get the doctor to give me some loratab. So I'm on 10mg of flexeril and 5mg of loratab and it just dulls the pain... everyone wave at zombie Gwen. I do have to say something here for medical marijuana, if I had a bowl to smoke I wouldn't be hurting this bad. It really does help me more than taking these narcotics. *sigh* oh well... at least they knock me out so I can sleep.

Parker is really understanding my frustration with doctors now. I know how bad I hurt and he knows how bad I hurt but the doctors do not see me all the time like he does and do not know how much I really hurt. I mentioned this in a comment the other day, the doctors usually just want to treat my diabetes because they assume my pain is caused from diabetic neuropathy which in all honesty I have started to develop in my feet and hands but the FMS I had long before I developed diabetes. I've had FMS for about 17 years and I've been diabetic for about five years now.

I can't stand for very long because it hurts and I can't sit in one spot for long because it hurts. I toss and turn when laying down because it hurts. Some days it hurts just to breath. Sometimes, like now, I can not lift a plate because it hurts. Forget opening the cap on a bottled water.

I thank the gods everyday for sending me a man like Parker who is able to work from home so he can take care of me when I'm like this. I do not know what I would do without him. I can't even express in words what he means to me, he truly is the love of my life and my knight in shining armor. I am indeed a very blessed woman to be loved by such a wonderful man as my husband.
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Yesterday I wrote the owner of the site and heard back from him today. He was cordial and expressed regret that my trouble ticket was treated as it was. He also expressed that the reason my daughter was banned was not what I stated but he didn't know what exactly the reason was and would be investigating the matter further. I did write him back to give him more information.

Parker decided to call him to discuss the situation after I spent a couple of hours figuring out that we were all perm banned because of "problem ticket abuse", in other words anyone who uses our ISP was deemed by one 19 year old girl called "FoxGrin" to be my daughter aka bunnylover. She wasn't answering the tickets she was making notes on the tickets to say, "this is bunnylover." My daughter is only responsible for two trouble tickets and she isn't even the first person who submitted a ticket, not even the first person in our home who did so. My son is actually the first one who submitted a ticket. I read his, it was very well written IMNSHO. He ended a ticket by stating, "that's ignorant and retarded" in reference to the fact that the ban was put in place while the kids were in school. Apparently they were checking IP logs and saw that our IP had logged on earlier that day, it was my 18 year old daughter but naturally it had to be bunnylover. In this case I think my son's statement is true, at least half true anyway, it is ignorant.

FoxGrin made a reference to that in her response to one of the tickets my daughter actually did write and it seems that FoxGrin has limited reading comprehension because she claimed it was bunnylover insulting the admins rather than what was written.

The owner told Parker that the original ban was because bunnylover had a disagreement with an admin but he still doesn't know what it was about and the admin in question (not FoxGrin) denies the jealousy story. Well duh, why would she admit to abusing her power? He did seem to agree about the trouble ticket issue though and lifted the perm ban that was put in place because FoxGrin assumed everyone was bunnylover.

So, the problem is resolved but my opinion about the immaturity of the staff hasn't changed. It's sadly been reaffirmed.

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Valentine GiftsThis is a picture of part of my Valentine's Day presents. Parker gave me eight roses, one for each year we've been together. I also got the teapot the roses are in with matching sugar bowl, cream pitcher, and a candle that looks like the sugar bowl. The kids gave me a mule with saddle bags that are salt and pepper shakers.

We got the screen up for the theater a couple of days ago so that's where I've been for the past couple of days just watching movies. The picture is just awesome, really bright, sharp, and clear. Soon we'll be getting DirecTV hooked up to it and people might not see me for a while. LOL! Actually I plan on having my laptop in there anyway.

Speaking of computers... Parker totally loves his new machine. He was busy Monday night and missed Heroes. It had been replaying Friday nights on Sci-Fi but it isn't on the schedule tonight so now he's sitting here watching it off of the NBC website on his computer. Yeppers, he is a happy camper.

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