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This Mercury retrograde is in your Sun sign and as such, it crowds your life with information from every corner of the universe. Your phone may be busier now; you may be involved in more discussions with more people about a wide range of topics. Your thoughts race so fast during this phase that you cannot keep up. If you have difficulty expressing yourself, just let the thoughts go. The important ones will return when the pace has slowed.

General Daily Overview
The Moon is visiting independent Aries, reflecting our need for freedom. We are attracted to anything that is new; the main drive of Aries is to move forward. Meanwhile thoughtful Mercury, now a bit dreamier than usual, apparently stops in its tracks today in order to begin a retrograde cycle lasting 23 days. We want to step on the gas pedal but we cannot if we're thinking about the past. Although we are inclined to react impulsively, it's best that we think things through or we might miss important facts.

Daily Number: 9
Any recent trouble in a relationship may be defused today, thanks in part to your use of tact and wisdom. You're a person of depth and clarity today, and you may even have some strong humanitarian urges. It's a day of shifting priorities and enjoying your status as a student of life. Don't commit to long term plans just yet.


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