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Christi's Wedding 035
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My daughter got married. :)

It was a very beautiful rite and they really love each other a lot.

You can view the rest of the pix on my flickr.
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A few years ago our youngest son had a problem that our doctor down in Texas told us was sleep walking. This weekend we found out different. On Thursday our son had one of these episodes while in school and unlike when it happened down in Texas where that school didn't contact us till several hours after the problem was noticed this school tried calling us and when no one answered the phone here they sent a police officer to track down my mother-in-law while they took my son to the ER. I'm grateful for that. I was down in Salt Lake at the time and my husband was out in the yard when they tried to call. He did call the school when he came back inside and immediately went up to the hospital after hanging up. The doctor in the ER had a suspicion of what was going on with our son but he did not have the equipment to make a proper diagnosis at our tiny hospital so he decided to send our son down to Primary Childrens Hospital in Salt Lake post haste. My husband called me then to tell me what was going on and that they would be driving down ASAP. I met them at the ER of Primary Childrens around 4:30 pm and at 6 pm we had a new diagnosis and a treatment plan. It turns out my son has been having Atypical Absence Seizures. I am relieved to have a diagnosis that I can do something about. We can treat this.

After spending the night in the hospital for observation we spent the rest of the weekend at a friends house so we could attend some social gatherings going on in town. Friday night was spent at The Greenhouse Effect in Salt Lake for Stealth Coffee. This is something that takes place every Friday night at that location and it is a blast every time I get the opportunity to attend. Saturday we went to Liberty Park for the first Mountain Shadows Clan of the Toteg Tribe meeting. Then Sunday we went to Fairmont Park for a Meetup Picnic where I got my picture taken by a member of the Church of the Sacred Circle (who were also having a meetup in the park) every time I visited the public restroom. I laughed that off but I got pretty peeved when another member of that organization decided to take video of my son when he was near the restroom. There is something seriously wrong with those people!!
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This is my newly engaged daughter Christi and her fiance Mike...

Christi & Mike

...and the rock. Man does that thing sparkle!

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Yesterday I wrote the owner of the site and heard back from him today. He was cordial and expressed regret that my trouble ticket was treated as it was. He also expressed that the reason my daughter was banned was not what I stated but he didn't know what exactly the reason was and would be investigating the matter further. I did write him back to give him more information.

Parker decided to call him to discuss the situation after I spent a couple of hours figuring out that we were all perm banned because of "problem ticket abuse", in other words anyone who uses our ISP was deemed by one 19 year old girl called "FoxGrin" to be my daughter aka bunnylover. She wasn't answering the tickets she was making notes on the tickets to say, "this is bunnylover." My daughter is only responsible for two trouble tickets and she isn't even the first person who submitted a ticket, not even the first person in our home who did so. My son is actually the first one who submitted a ticket. I read his, it was very well written IMNSHO. He ended a ticket by stating, "that's ignorant and retarded" in reference to the fact that the ban was put in place while the kids were in school. Apparently they were checking IP logs and saw that our IP had logged on earlier that day, it was my 18 year old daughter but naturally it had to be bunnylover. In this case I think my son's statement is true, at least half true anyway, it is ignorant.

FoxGrin made a reference to that in her response to one of the tickets my daughter actually did write and it seems that FoxGrin has limited reading comprehension because she claimed it was bunnylover insulting the admins rather than what was written.

The owner told Parker that the original ban was because bunnylover had a disagreement with an admin but he still doesn't know what it was about and the admin in question (not FoxGrin) denies the jealousy story. Well duh, why would she admit to abusing her power? He did seem to agree about the trouble ticket issue though and lifted the perm ban that was put in place because FoxGrin assumed everyone was bunnylover.

So, the problem is resolved but my opinion about the immaturity of the staff hasn't changed. It's sadly been reaffirmed.

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Yesterday I signed up for an account on wolfhome.com and promptly found myself banned within seconds of confirming my account. I opened a trouble ticket to inquire about the problem and just received a response. It's one word, "Bunnylover." WTF??? How does that even remotely answer the question? Now don't get me wrong, I know who bunnylover is, my 15 year old daughter. Still, that does not address my question. In fact, it's a bit on the immature side in my opinion. I have four computers in this house and five people have accounts on that site. We aren't all my daughter. A quick trip to google would clear up any question about me being a 15 year old girl as well I would think. I mean I have been around for a while.

I did ask my daughter about the situation. What she told me is that it has to do with one of the volunteer admins being jealous over some guy asking my daughter to be his mate even though my daughter turned him down. Apparently the girl banned my daughter to eliminate the competition. Some kind of desperate attempt to win this guy over even though he's already told her he isn't interested. Pathetic and immature teen bullshit.

Now I've found out that nearly our whole town has been perm banned. They all probably wrote trouble tickets asking about the IP ban since I've been told that almost everyone in this town that is with my ISP has the same IP addy, like one big LAN.

I remember when wolfhome was first starting out. I was busy back then with the PWA but I seem to recall that I had joined all those years ago probably as Wolfrose but never did anything with it. It wasn't so interactive back then either. The new chat they have now is rather cool. It's a shame it can't be run by more mature people with some professional ethics.

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That is how long the $45 a month child support order lasted. I received my copy of the new order in the mail today. They also sent another paper that showed the amount of the arrears now owed and how much interest has accrued over the years of his "punishing" me by not paying the full amount or just plain not paying at all. The interest is over $8,000 and the total amount owed is over $24,000 now. Yeah, I feel real punished. LOL

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You know, if it can be messed up I'm sure The Office of the Attorney General of Texas will find a way...

I received in the mail today a copy of the new writ of withholding for the Rat Bastard. It had an error. Of course.

Since my daughter turned 18 they had to amend the order so that he is no longer paying current child support and only paying on the arrears... which was over $20,000 last I checked and with somewhere around 12% interest tacked on each month I'm sure it's a bit more than that now. When he was paying current support he paid only $45 per month toward the arrears which didn't put a dent in it since the interest was more than that per month. The amended writ of withholding for some reason just dropped off the current support and only ordered him to pay $45 per month for the arrears. At that rate he would owe another $100,000 in interest by the time he paid the now owed amount. My daughter would be an old woman on her death bed and the arrears would still be owed.

In any case, that isn't what the original order stated so I called them to correct the matter. The new papers are in the mail now with the correct amount of $274 per month. At that rate he may have it paid off in about ten years... maybe. I'm quite sure he wouldn't be smart like my oldest daughter's father and pay more than owed when he can to get it paid off faster... no, this one thinks he's punishing me when he doesn't pay, doesn't think about the interest compounding and putting himself further in debt.

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Valentine GiftsThis is a picture of part of my Valentine's Day presents. Parker gave me eight roses, one for each year we've been together. I also got the teapot the roses are in with matching sugar bowl, cream pitcher, and a candle that looks like the sugar bowl. The kids gave me a mule with saddle bags that are salt and pepper shakers.

We got the screen up for the theater a couple of days ago so that's where I've been for the past couple of days just watching movies. The picture is just awesome, really bright, sharp, and clear. Soon we'll be getting DirecTV hooked up to it and people might not see me for a while. LOL! Actually I plan on having my laptop in there anyway.

Speaking of computers... Parker totally loves his new machine. He was busy Monday night and missed Heroes. It had been replaying Friday nights on Sci-Fi but it isn't on the schedule tonight so now he's sitting here watching it off of the NBC website on his computer. Yeppers, he is a happy camper.

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Jan. 19th, 2004 01:17 pm
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Adoption is expensive. It will cost us $3000.00 for Parker to adopt our two youngest away from that monster I was married to and that is if the idiot will sign the papers and not waste the courts time by fighting it. I should not have any problem getting his rights terminated since he does have two convictions of aggravated sexual assault of a child and the parole board tells me that he will most likely spend every minute of the 15 years he got for that. I call them every time he comes up for parole just to make sure he wont get out.

I was able to get no visitation in my divorce with it stated that the reason was those two accounts of aggravated sexual assault of a child. It's weird that they put in there an additional reason for no visitation with my son. Apparently in Texas over night visitation with a child younger than three is against the Texas Family Code and they don't do it. I know that young children do have separation anxiety when they are away from their familiar surroundings and that babies sleep better in their own beds. My son is well above the age of three now though but it doesn't matter, the monster is still in prison and the age thing was only an additional reason anyway.

We are working hard to get our family to be whole. Now if we could just get this adoption thing going.... $1500.00 per child... *sigh*

Parker would like to adopt all four, but $6000.00 is not economically feasible right now. I had some saved up towards one adoption, but I had to use it to hire the lawyer to answer that bogus bullshit the Rat Bastard filed. I've thought about asking my oldest daughter's father if he would pay for hers, that would erase all that back child support he owes me and then he would not have to pay current child support on her and would have more money for the new baby he and his wife just had. IMO that is quite a trade off. I'm mostly worried about getting the youngest two adopted though, their bio is a monster and I want him to have no reason to pop back up into my life once he does get out of prison.

Just a random thing I was thinking about just now...
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As [livejournal.com profile] stparker attempted to post earlier the three of our four children that we are going to homeschool are now home... well almost LOL. Our youngest daughter is missing a book that we have to find before we can sign her out officially. Funny thing happend while we were waiting for the papers, the secretary is homeschooling her child too. ROFLMAO now that is kinda sad that someone who works for the public school system doesn't have her child in public school. So I was telling her about online classes and she was taking notes hehehee. Yes, the high tech junkie is spreading the adiction. *grin*

Now I can have the big sigh of relief and not have that stupid TAKS test hovering over their heads anymore. Now they may actually LEARN something.

Jaz, I had to make a letter of assurance for the school to go in their record so I made it a PDF and if you want to put in on pp for others to use, it's here: http://www.magickdream.com/wolfrose/hsverification.pdf
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Today we withdrew Christi from public school. The diagnostician tried to lecture me into leaving her in school and insulted me by saying that homeschooled kids fall way behind. *growl*

Well shit, I don't think I could do any worse than the air headed art teacher who notoriously misplaces everything and is flunking my daughter because there are assignments missing. My daughter turned them in though. I bet she'll find those about the same time she finds the 25$ art fee check Parker wrote...

We spent the rest of the afternoon at the public library. Today was actually a good day! :-)


Oct. 17th, 2002 02:05 pm
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We have an Aikido school here!

That's what Steven Seagal is a master of!

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Ok, Parker is reluctant to homeschool our son since this is a house hold of 4 females and two males. He says that Stormchaser needs socialization with other boys his age so he wants to leave him in public school. *SIGH*

I think we have found a solution to my wanting to unschool and his wanting a strict guideline curriculum. (can we say anal?) The compromise being that we kinda do both, more of a loose curriculum with lots of hands on learning. *grin*

soooooooo I really need a solution to the socialization thing because Stormchaser was the reason I started thinking about homeschooling in the first place a few years ago. (an idea I was put off by being told that I had to submit a curriculum to the school board for approval before I would be allowed to do it)

so now what? <tongue in cheek> enroll him in kung fu classes......... iiiiiiinnnnn Austin </tongue in cheek>
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Texas Legislature Online

Texas Education Code sections 21.032 & 21.033

Legal Requirements for home schooling in Texas:

Compulsory Attendance ages are 6 through 17. This means that when a child turns 6 he must be "in school" and, if not enrolled in a traditional school, the following requirements apply:
A. The home school must be run in a bona fide manner (not a sham or subterfuge.)

B. A written curriculum (from any source including video or computer) must be used and must cover the basic subjects of reading, spelling, grammar, math and a course in good citizenship. The child is considered to be in a private school as a homeschool is a private school as upheld by Leeper v. Arlington Independent School District, No. 17-88761-85, D. Texas, April 13, 1987

C. Parents must reasonably cooperate with any reasonable inquiry from an attendance officer.

The Texas legislature has not defined private or parochial school in the Education Code . Additionally, the legislature has given the TEA and State Board of Education authority just over Public schools, not over private or parochial schools. Under the compulsory attendance laws, there is a requirement of 170 days of attendance but this only applies to PUBLIC schools, not to private or parochial schools.

There are no current testing requirements nor are you required to register your home school with the school district under current Texas law.

You are not required to file any papers or notify anyone that you are homeschooling your children in Texas. If they are already enrolled in a public school, you can tell the school's office that the child is going to be homeschooled or is going to be attending a private school. In Texas, a homeschool is a private school. Some districts may want to give you a hard time, but you have every legal right to homeschool without their blessings.

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There seem to be (at least) three distinct positions concerning whether and how it is lawful to educate one's own children at home here in Texas. Two of these endorse and perpetuate the idea of a compelling state interest in education, while the third does not.

The first position, in as accurate a nutshell as I can manage, is this:

"We accept the idea and practice of compelling state interest. We, in fact, went to court seeking a state definition of 'home schooling.' We lobby for home-educated children to participate fully in public-school 'benefits' like sports while also fully realizing that the Texas Education Code applies to all educational institutions funded in whole or in part by state tax funds. We avoid mentioning the applicability of that code (though we quote other sections of it) when people come to us wanting to know if or how the law may affect home education in Texas. We are serving and protecting the home schooling community of Texas."

The second contains the following ideas:

"We may or may not _like_ the idea of compelling state interest but we do fear the power of the State so we concede such an interest. We covet the state's approval, and are willing to allow the state to define what we do in our own homes in exchange for being 'allowed' to educate our own children. Yet, at the same time, we seek to avoid other state educational regulation that is not to our liking. We pin all our hopes on the idea that a court decision allowing us to call our homes private schools when they conform to certain requirements will protect us from having any requirements placed on our homes."

The temptation to add "We are confused." to this second position is overpowering.
In fairness, though, the same should be added to the first position as well.

Since both of these positions rely upon state approval and definition they both want some sort of 'homeschooling law' to point to as a "basis for our right to homeschool."

The third position says:

"We thoroughly reject the erroneous idea of a compelling state interest in our children's education. We also find no lawful basis for such a thing. We as parents created and produced these children and as we are willing to accept our parental responsibilities we claim those responsibilities for ourselves. We realize this position may not 'go over well' with bureaucrats and busybodies; however, we will settle for _no less than_ the liberty lawfully retained by the people when allowing the Texas Legislature educational authority over only an 'efficient system of public free schools'."

It has been suggested that those holding to the first two positions are more 'realistic' for thinking that obtaining permission and definition from the state will secure their ability to home educate in peace, while those holding out for liberty are said to be 'in denial' of the way things really work. But... who is actually in denial here?

The truth of the matter is that NO MATTER WHICH POSITION YOU HOLD... THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES that you will be left to live and learn in peace.

About the only guarantee is that in voluntarily conceding power over your children's education to the state ---> the state _will_ exercise that power and your compliance with state demands will be expected and enforced.


Bev Jones, April 2001 -- Permission is hereby granted to copy and/or forward this message,*in its entirety* and including this statement, to every single home-educating parent you can find on the face of this planet.


HomeSchooling TEXAS, est. 1995
ubi libertas habitat, ibi nostra patria est
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Texas has no regulation when it comes to homeschooling. I just found this out. I don't have to invest thousands of dollars on buying a nifty packaged curriculum in order to teach at home!

After the meeting Parker and I had with Gini's teachers, we were outraged. They spend about a week covering aspects. For instance, they will spend a week "learning" division or multiplication and then move on to something else so they can cover what will be on the TAKKS test this spring. That isn't learning, that isn't education! Then they want kids to stay after school for extra tutoring so they can pass the test. *growl*

Now that I've found out the facts about homeschooling in Texas, Parker and I will sit down and have a long discussion and make a discision...

I have tons of up sides for homeschooling and only a few downsides... and I think we can work out fixes for the downsides. :-)

(smart alec comment)
Yes, we will consult a dictionary for spelling lessons :-p

Ashley will most likely stay in public school though, she's already in 9th grade....


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