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Mar. 4th, 2009 06:26 pm
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So most of you know about my first husband the paedophile who raped and sodomized my children, the one who has been in prison for almost 15 years, you know, the one that idiot psycho stalker posted sympathy for and justified his actions by saying he probably raped and sodomized the girls to get back at me for cheating on him with Jimmy totally skipping the fact that the affair with Jimmy happened after the monster was in jail and that I had turned to Jimmy because I had just been shown the medical report of what my girls had happen to them. Yeah, that ex...

Apparently he is getting out at the end of July and seems to think he can bluff me with a bullshit court document threatening me with jail time for not complying with a court order so that he can have contact with the children. Page five of our divorce decree states that he does not have the right to see them. According to him he received a paralegal certificate, at tax payer expense, in 2007 and yet he does not seem to understand that we are divorced and that he does not have the right to see the children. He also does not seem to understand that under victims rights I do not have to tell him where I live and that he is not to contact me period.

I do not even begin to understand his thinking... what the hell makes him even think that the children want anything to do with him? Is he deluded enough to think that I would not tell them what he did? That the girls would not tell them what he did? What in the hell makes him think that an "I'm sorry, I will try very hard to not do it again" will make anything better? Seriously!

I'm sending a cease and desist any contact letter. One would think the shear silence he has received from me for over ten years would have gotten the point across but this asshole is just that fucking stupid. What a fucking idiot!


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